“ Thought has wings, no one can stops his flight." Averroe.

Science has no homeland,said Pasteur, Scientists from all over the world with cultures, experiences, religious beliefs and different languages actually belong a large scientific community, together with their predecessors and contemporaries, a single and "anonymous" generation of scientists and they created an universal language for science. The intercultural meeting of scientists from various countries of the world allows sharing of knowledge useful to the progressive and rapid development of study and scientific research promoting the new discoveries. "Boundless Science" , the Science and New Technology show, will tell about the transformations of the scientific community, refugees scientists, brain drain, the European Science Refugees Program, the birth of the biohacker movement and virtual laboratories, to the Sesame project Breaks down the political barriers and for the first time sees working with states that have never sat at the same table for a scientific project: Palestinian National Authority, Bahrain, Cyprus, Egypt, Iran, Israel, Jordan, Pakistan Turkey Italy, France, Spain, Brazil.


Lucia, an italian student of physics and Abid a sirian chemistry's student, they meet during the Erasmus university program in Holland. They have a different culture and a different personality and even their dreams for the future vary: the comparion between them often is the reason of laughter. It's love for science that unites their thoughts because both see science as salvation for the poorest and most disadvantaged communities on the planet.From this meeting born a long friendship and professional collaboration, which will see them working togheter in various scientific research projects around the world.Between the variuos experiences, they will fly to Tanzania called by Prof.Knoll who is looking for extremely incisive and low-cost solutions to fight malaria, or Peru where Lima's Research Center will sent low-cost LED lamps using the Chlorophylline photosynthesis of plants, to give light to some populations living in the inner areas, and because of heavy flood they are forced to use as a source of daily illumination, petroleum lamps, which cause serious damage to health and with expensive costs.

All the examples in the story are real experiments and scientific research, which are presented on the scene also through the use of video and video mapping.

Theater plays of sciences and New Technology "Disappeared Science". Kyber Theater Company - Cagliari.

Direction and Dramaturgy: Ilaria Nina Zedda. Technology co-direction: Marco Quondamatteo. Actors on scene: Paola Atzeni and Naoufel Soussi. Music: Fabio Piras