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Festival LMDP

“Le Meraviglie del Possibile”,our International Festival of Theatre Art and New Technologies, represents in Italy the only platform of international reference concerning theatre and “technology oriented” art, an innovative network that promotes the contamination between humanistic culture and scientific knowledge and it involves national and international audience, artists (directors, actors, musicians, performers, dancers, media artists), scientists and technologists.

LMDP Festival is every year between November and December and this year it will be  its 8th edition.

Among innovation and imagination and between humanist and scientific culture, the Festival presents every year a rich schedule of activities and events, all focused to spread the knowledge of this specific artistic-technologic sector according to the new digital creative field. It is characterized by a strong community dimension. Particular attention is paid to the audience, accompanied to approach and understand all the Festival activities, with the organization of an intense program of performances, installations, shows, theater and new technologies plays, workshop, talks and conferences, characterized by a high level of interactivity and transdisciplinarity .The LMDP Festival dedicates a space to emerging digital artists and performers through an International OPEN CALL dedicated to theatre and new technologies performances/shows/plays and multimedia art installations. The Open Call is published every year in the main international and national thematic networks related to Performing Arts and New Technologies. In each edition, a winner is selected to presents his/her work to the audience of the Festival.


One of the Festival’s most original features is the attention to the educational perspectives of the planned activities, aimed in particular at young people, with the involvement of the high schools and the humanities and sciences universities courses.

The goal of LMDP is also to foster the creative approach to new technologies by the new generations and their more conscious use, offering them workshops, conferences and training internships, so these skills can be used in the digital creative sector and  in particular it can be a training of new professionals and talents inherent to the sector.

Two editions of the LMDP Festival have also been brought to Sassari in 2016 and 2017.

In 2018 LMDP Festival receives the EFFE Label 2019-2020, a quality stamp for remarkable arts festivals in Europe attributed for their work in the field of the arts, community involvement and international openness.

From 2019 it is also inside in EMAP/EMARE, European Media Art Platform, reference for the field of performing media in Europe and it also inside Urban Experience, reference network for the performing media sector in Italy.

The LMDP FESTIVAL is financially supported by the Culture Department of Cagliari Municipality.

In 2021, the eighth edition of the LMDP FESTIVAL of Theater, Art and New Technologies is recognized and supported by the MIBACT-FUS Italian Culture Ministry, within the National Theater Festival section.

Some guests of the preview Editions:

AC/E – Accion Cultural Espanol with Konic Theatre – a theatre and new technologies dance company from Madrid.

Institut Cultural Francaise in Italy, with Matthieu Tercieux and Edoard Souillon,multimedia artists - V.E.I.A group - company of Lione (France).

Istituto di Cultura libanese – with Minwal Theatre - a Company of theatre and New Technologies from Libanon.

Colectivo Fango, young theatre and new technologies company from Spain.

Medici Senza Frontiere onlus Rome, with #Milionidipassi Experience multimedia exibition.

Carlo Infante, performing media professor and creator of

Orion Maxted, company from The Netherland, cybernetic theatre experts.

Peter Zorn and Marcie J.Kost (Germany), Manager of EMAP -EUROPEAN MEDIA ART PLATFORM, that help young artists to product media art projects supporting residencies.

Michele Sambin, Italian pioneer of video art, creator of shows and theater performances with the experimentation of different new technologies, paintings and sound scores,

AJARIOT, performing media artistic women's collective (ITALY),

the BOOKS ON WALL & NOMADE, international collectives with a multimedia itinerary project on the streets of the city of Cagliari,

Simone Arcagni (new technologies and new media professor - Palermo University) and Elisa Virgili (gender studies, Verona University)

MARCO DONNARUMMA (Italy/Germany), Media and performance artist, director, composer, scholar, winner of several European art prizes (ARS ELECTRONICA, BIENNAL BAILS NUMERIQUE...)

TAMANOIR IMMERSIVE STUDIO, emerging french company of theater immersive and virtual reality performance

CIVILLERI/LO SICCO (Sicily), theater company, ex SudCostaOccidentale by Emma Dante, winners of several theater prizes in Italy.




LMDP 2021


MARCO DONNARUMMA (Italy/Germany), Media and performance artist, director, composer, scholar, winner of several European art prizes (ARS ELECTRONICA, BIENNAL BAILS NUMERIQUE...) with the body art and technology performance CORPUS NIL

CIVILLERI/LO SICCO (Sicily), theater company, ex SudCostaOccidentale by Emma Dante, winners of several theater prizes in Italy, with LA MANO DI ARTEMISIA, theater art and new technologies play made with Kyber teatro, about the famous painter Artemisia Gentileschi.

OPEN CALL WINNERS EIGTH EDITION TAMANOIR IMMERSIVE STUDIO, emerging french company with the theater immersive and virtual reality performance "CALL ME CALAMITY"

Miguel Azguime and Paula Azguime -Miso Music Portugal , with SALT ITINERARY, a multimedia opera of music and theater with new technologies (live streaming),

the AjaRiot - performing arts collective (Isadora Pei, Giula Parri, Ester Fogliano), with their interactive performance D.A.K.I.N.I SUIT (E)

Teatro Alkestis, italian company from Cagliari with their theater kabaret play "LA CROCIATA DEI SENZAFEDE"

Carlo Infante, expert and teacher of performing media in the online talk "I presagi di Artaud"

In this edition 2021 it was presented also the
new production "Fiori per", made by Kyberteatro
(dramaturgy and director: Ilaria Nina Zedda, technological direction: Marco Quondamatteo, on stage: Riccardo Lai, visual: Simone Murtas, audio:Elvio Corona).



In the 5th edition LMDP Festival hosts “A.R.T.E. - Augmented Reality Theater Experience “, a project of international artistical creative and technological residency in Sardinia, (winner of the ScrabbleLAB call, promoted by the Culture Department of Sardinia Region), among our company KyberTeatro (Italy), the French multimedia art company VEIA - Vous Etes Ici Allieurs (Lyone) and the Lebanese company of theatre and new technologies Minwal Theater.
Theater performances and new technologies, workshops, conferences: this is the well-established and rich programme of LMDP Festival. This year had as subtitle “Numerical Arts”, the French translation of Arte Numerique (in Italian Digital Arts): numerical art , or digital art, is the set of creative human activities that translate the ideal expression of beauty into numbers.

Artists, creatives and experts who participated:

- Orion Maxted (cybernetic theatre director, winner of the International Open Call, with his experimental performance THE BRAIN, company from the Netherlands)

- Carlo Infante (founder of Urban network and professor of performing media, Italy)

- Matthieu Tiercieux, multimedia artist, and Edoard Souillot, musician (V.E.I.A company, France),

- Jad Hakawati and Roaa Bzeih, from the theater company and new technologies called Minwal theater (Lebanon)

- Simone Murtas (visual artist, Italy)





LMDP 2020

The Festival and its double!
From the stage of the Spazio OSC / Dom-OSC in Cagliari, where Ilaria Nina Zedda and Claudia Pupillo presented the events, to the virtual one on the facebook platform directed by Marco Quondamatteo and Simone Murtas, the audience of the LMDP Festival met the wonderful experts and artists and enjoy the winning performances of the open call of the International Festival of Theater, Art and New Technologies.
The seventh edition - Digital Traditions - was disruptive! Digital visions with a high artistic, emotional and intellectual content, which stimulated intense participation and interaction between the Kybernauts spectators who followed us on our FB pages @LMDP International Festival of Theater, Art and New Technologies and @KyberTeatro.


Miguel Azguime and Paula Azguime -Miso Music Portugal , with SALT ITINERARY, a multimedia opera of music and theater with new technologies,
Books On Wall & NoMade (Fulvio Carpuso, Lea Walter, Fabio Pennacchia, Tom Bouillot, Jose Gustavo Antonio, Cristobal Severin), with their itinerant multimedia project through the streets of the city of Cagliari called "MNEMAGOGHI;
the AjaRiot - performing arts collective (Isadora Pei, Giula Parri, Ester Fogliano), with their interactive performance D.A.K.I.N.I SUIT (E).

We also had online talks / webinar held by:
Carlo Infante- Urban Experience , national performing media platform,
Simone Arcagni , professor of new media and new technologies at the University of Palermo
Elisa Virgili , expert in political philosophy and gender studies at the University of Verona.
And many other international and national guests.

Furthermore Marco Quondamatteo with the Vj set in real time "40 seconds" and Simone Murtas with the music and the technical realization of the animation of the visual dramaturgy written with Ilaria Nina Zedda and Claudia Pupillo for the online event OPEN CALL - ALL STARS! .



The subtitle of the 2017 is "Intertwine": we had in this edition a creative and digital intertwine with differente areas and disciplines that have intertwined with each other during the Festival, addressing social issues of great relevance like immigration, ubiquity human right,and the phobia deeply linked to the digital world and to hyper-connectivity.

Artists,creatives and experts guest of this edition:

- Médecins Sans Frontières, with their interactive multimedia event #MILIONIDIPASSI EXPERIENCE in which with the latest generation viewers, , visitors were totally immersed in the exhausting journeys of migrants.

Colectivo Fango, spanish company, with the performance of theater and new technologies "FOMO - fear of missing out" , winners of the International Open Call LMDP4.

The French artists Matthieu Tiercieux (multimedia artist) and Edouard Souillot (musician) - -VEIA company- works for 3 weeks with Kyberteartro and Sardinian performers, for an artistical technological research in residence (inside the project A.R.T.E Augmented Reality Theater Experience) and to present the first studio "MAP E.T".

The multimedia interactive installation for multimedia environments - Social Wall CRS4, Collaborative and Social Environments by CRS4/Samuel Iacolina.




In this edition, with the subtitle SincroniCittà, the Festival has received the EFFE LABEL 2019-2020 recognition, a quality mark that is attributed to the European festivals for their work in the arts and for the involvement of local communities and the international openness.

Artists, creatives and experts who participated:

Peter Zorn and Marcie Jost, media art experts from Germany, manager of EMAP, the international platform that with EMARE (European Media Artists in Residence Exchange) program, supports young media artists in Europe and produces technological artistic residences in several European festivals,
Prof .Carlo Infante, changemaker, freelance teacher of Performing Media, cultural designer, founder of Urban Experience italian website.
They were the main speakers of the Conference called "EMAP - European Media Arts Platform meets Sardinia media art", with other local media art experts and artists (Sardinia Film Commission, Academy of Fine Arts of Sassari etc).

Michele Sambin, pioneer of video art, creator of performances, theatrical performances connected with the new technologies and more, and the director Raffaella Rivi with the projection of their film PIÙ DE LA VITA, directed by Raffaella Rivi, with Michele Sambin and Pierangela Allegro, produced by Kublai Film and JoleFilm.

The Alkestis Theater, a theatre company from Cagliari which collaborates with Kyberteatro with the acronym "ArTheaterSardiniaNet": they have brought to the Wonders of Possible 2019 two appointments with the "CinemANIMEshow exhibition": cinema movies, tables games, videogames marathons, Dj sets.

The multi-instrumental musicians Orlando and Eliseo Mascia, father and son, with TUMBU, performance of traditional Sardinian Music and New Technologies, directed by Kyberteatro and produced within the "DOMOSC - Domo de Sa Cultura" project with the partners Videogum and Mega the connection of tradition and innovation and the dialogue between old and new generations, within a digital scene that renews the poetic identity.



October - November 2016: Sassari

The LMDP3 Festival in Sassari was mainly focused on the Creative Digital Residence "Vous êtes içi ... Ailleur + Sassari City of the Future!, a collaboration between Kyberteatro and VEIA, French company from Lyon, composed by Matthieu Tiercieux, multimedia artist, and Edoard Souillot, musician.
The project was supported by the Institut francais d'Italie / Ambassade de France en Italie - Fondation Nuovi Mecenati, for the Season of France in Scene 2016 that promoted the event nationally and internationally.
A participatory creative process, an artistic and territorial immersion that has active citizens and artists of different ages as protagonists.
In the residence process, in fact, which connected Cagliari and Sassari cities, the theme of lived and perceived territory was examined with local artists and the participating public, and the territory as a mapping of memory. The residence was aimed at the realization of a final performance, a participatory poetic installation, a monumental work of art based on interactive maps that were produced during the residency through the use of video-mapping, lights, pictograms, coordinates geographical, human mapping, digital storytelling. The installation has turned into a large interactive playground for everyone.


Other guests of Sassari edition:

Dr. Samuel Iacolina of the CRS4 / Collaborative and Social Environments, for the "Photographic Graffiti Contest Digital Upgrade!" and a conference about Creative processes and new technologies.

ANDREA GIOMI: Musician, digital artist and PhD Candidate at the Université Côte d'Azur in Nice, with his performance "Dérives" and different workshops .

In this third edition in Sassari, Kyberteatro presented also his new play of theatre ,music and new media: Gould CD 318. Gould è l’arte della fuga.

December 2016 - January 2017: Cagliari

The Wonders of the Possible Festival returns to its mother house in Cagliari, after the month of events in Sassari.
Now, this third edition is an "upgraded and updated" version, as stated in the Upgrade subtitle.

Artists, creatives and experts - Cagliari edition :

CoSE group (Collaborative and Social Environments) by CRS4 with their interactive wall Social Wall, a technology dedicated to interactive collaborative environments;

Fab Lab Cagliari with their 3D scans in real time;

Basstation, for the DJ set of electronic and techno music of the digital party.

The winners of the International Open Call LMDP3 Minwal Theater Company, a Lebanese theater and new technology company that presented its Performance “BARZAKH | Isthmus".

Simonetta Pusceddu, Tersicorea, Cie Héliotropion- with the Performance of multimedia dance theater for the artistic multimedia residence "in # situ", together with Kyberteatro and - Workshop of Performing Arts.



After last year's pilot experience, the International Festival of Theater, Art and New Technologies come back in Cagliari.
The Spazio OSC - Open Scene Concept (via Newton 12, go up the ramp), the company's research - development and artistic-technological production center, host all the events of the exhibition, from 4 December to 31 January.

A "multiple" Festival this year too, The Wonders of the Possible, includes a more strictly "spectacular" area, with performances and installations, and a "pedagogical" area, with workshops and conferences. This year there will be a scientific-technological committee composed of Francesca Mereu (architect and digital artist), Ramon Pilia (physicist), Andrea Mameli (CRS4 researcher and scientific popularizer).
In this second edition, the relationship between dance, music and new technologies is the most investigated, with special guests that have made history in this field, such as the Spanish company Konic Thtr .


It starts on Thursday 4 December with a double conference. In the morning, at 11, in the Leonardo da Vinci Technical Institute, with "Sound landscapes": Leandro Pisano, professor at the Oriental University of Naples, meets the students of the "Foiso Fois" Artistic and Music High School in Cagliari. In the evening, at 7 pm, in the Spazio OSC in via Newton, Pisano himself will speak about Valorisation of the territory connected to the new technologies. With him Francesco Casu (multimedia director), Jorma Ferino and MassimilianoMallus (Sjmtech, a company that deals with historical reconstructions in 3D and webdesign), to address the theme of the rediscovery of history and culture of a territory through the use of new technologies and a renewed concept of territorial narration. The appointment is part of the Terra Mobile program, an online project for Cagliari, the Italian Capital of Culture 2015, curated by Carovana, Aquilone di Viviana, Sustainable Happiness, Progetto Contemporaneo, Cherimus and Barega.



The theatrical performance Progetti Creativi Random and two conferences, on the relationship between art and new technologies and on that between theater and neuroscience. This is the menu of the initial tranche of the first edition of Le Wonders of the Possible - Digital Scenes, International Festival of Theater, Art and New Technologies, organized and curated by KYBERTEATRO, the spin-off with which the L'Aquilone di Viviana company carries out theatrical and "technological" activities, under the artistic direction of Ilaria Nina Zedda and Marco Quondamatteo. The "prefestival", hosted in Cagliari in the Spazio OSC - Open Scena Concept - in via Newton 12 (go up the ramp), kicks off on 11 December, until 14. The second part of the festival will take place from 9 to 31 January.

The Wonders of the Possible - Digital Scenes - the organizers declare - promotes the union between art and technology and the ways in which these disciplines, through artistic - conceptual and technological - expressive work, can produce a new way of experiencing art and theater.

Following this path, the Festival opens a window on the artistic and theatrical future, which, through the use of new technologies, can reconnect young and more popular audiences to the theater. But it also aims to create a platform that guarantees the meeting between artists (directors, actors, musicians, performers, dancers, video artists), scientists, computer scientists, researchers and students.
A "multiple" review, The Wonders of the Possible, which includes a "pedagogical" part, with laboratories, workshops, conferences, and a more strictly "spectacular" one, with staging, performances, installations.

It starts on Thursday 11, with the conference ART AND NEW TECHNOLOGIES (for high schools - Liceo Artistico Foiso Fois), at 11am. Speakers will be Giorgio Auneddu (coordinator of the Department and School of Design and New Technologies "Art-Media" of the Academy Mario Sironi of Sassari), Tonino Casula (visual artist and semiologist), Carole Salis and Fabrizio Murgia (Andasa platform for culture - CRS4). Ilaria Nina Zedda (director and playwright of Kyberteatro) and Marco Quondamatteo (video designer and technical manager of the theater company) will present the theater, music and new technology show "CD 318. Gould is the Art of Fugue".

Today the audience has a desire to experience new knowledge in innovative and fun ways. Robert Lepage, Canadian director of international level, solves this need by stating that the contemporary theatrical spectator is accustomed to the "gymnastics of thought", useful for elaborating and making sense of the overall, non-linear imaginary, autonomously creating overlapping narratives, identifying himself with multiple characters.
To recreate in a structured way the "ordered chaos" of collective creative processes and make the public able to grasp the expression of creation: Preparation, Imagination, Development and Action. PROCESSI CREATIVI RANDOM goes in this direction, staged on Friday 12 December at 9pm and Sunday 14 at 7pm. It is a multimedia theatrical performance that shows in real time the creative process in progress, through the live action of two playwrights, Rossana Copez and Massimiliano Messina, and two actresses, Maria Loi and Marta Proietti Orzella. The contribution of new technologies, curated by Marco Quondamatteo, allows the simultaneous vision of the components that participate in the construction of the process: the instantly written "product" is videoprojected and therefore made legible to the interpreters and the viewer, who chooses between the different proposals which to follow, to develop a personal creative path. Directed by Ilaria Nina Zedda, music and sounds by Fabio Piras.