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Kyber teatro is a theatre and new technologies company that works in Cagliari from 2014.

We are the Sardinian theatre leading company in this specialised creative digital field, with our shows, performances, theatre and new technologies plays.

We organises “Le Meraviglie del Possibile”,our International Festival of Theatre Art and New Technologies,  that represents in Italy the only platform of international reference concerning theatre and “technology oriented” art.

It is an innovative network that promotes the contamination between humanistic culture and scientific knowledge and it involves national and international audience, artists (directors, actors, musicians, performers, dancers, media artists), scientists and technologists. The Festival presents every year a rich schedule of activities and events.

Performances, installations, shows, theatre and new technologies plays, workshops, talks and conferences are characterised by a high interactivity and multidisciplinarity level. We actively promote the knowledge of this specific artistic-technological sector.
Kyber Theater is a spin-off of L’Aquilone di Viviana, a company working in several projects of intercultural/ social/gender theatre.

Le Meraviglie

Del Possibile