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Kyber Theatre is a theater and new technologies company that has been working in Cagliari since 2014. It is a spin off of  L’Aquilone di Viviana, a company that has been working since 2002 in intercultural theatrical projects.

Our many years of experience in live shows and entertainment allows us, through the use of digital on stage,to create and “augment” the sense of presence and liveness of the theater.
Through a technological enlargement that “physically envelops the audience in an uninterrupted atmosphere of light, images, movements and sounds” – the work and events become non-linear and kinetic-visual narrations.
Hic et nunc et ubique.
In technological terms, real-time is the key and the artistic figure that connects the depth of human experience with its imagination, creates an environment not only virtual, that lives with all the senses.
Cit. “The Theatre of Cruelty” Antonin Artaud

Between 2017 and 2019 Kyberteatro/ L’Aquilone di Viviana company – has won several European call for bids (POR FESR 2014-2020) made by Sardinia Region – Department of Culture.
1) A.R.T.E. (Augmented Reality Theater Experience) International Artistic Technological Residences. Call “Scrabble Lab”.
2) DOMOSC – Creation of a house of Sardinian culture for the enhancement of Sardinian music and poetry through new technologies for the scene (with Video Gum production S.r.l. and MEGA Soc. Coop,) Call “Domo de Sa Cultura”.

Le Meraviglie

Del Possibile

director and playwright

Ilaria Nina Zedda

She began in Cagliari in 1992 and then she qualified within the “Advanced Training Course for Professional Actors” at the Teatro Stabile delle Marche (1997) and the Training course for “Professional Actors and Directors” at the “Pontedera Teatro Foundation” in Pontedera (2002). Graduated in Theater Direction at “Forma Action Scene – Course for actors and directors – Italy – France” (2006), funded by the European Union (professional qualification of theater director based on art.14 law 845 of 21/12/1978 ). Director of the shows Ulisse Eh Eh (2003), winner of the national Movin-Up prize; SCHINEPISCI- about Meter of Sardinia’s poets (2008) with debut in Berlin at the Kesselhause Theater; CD318. Gould is the art of escape, theater show and new technologies (2013), invited to participate in the “SUBTLE TECHNLOGIES” Festival in Toronto (Canada). In 2000 he founded the theater company “L’aquilone di Viviana”, and in 2014 the theater and new technologies company KYBERTEATRO, together with Marco Quondamatteo.
2017-2018. She plans the project about the technological artistic residences “A.R.T.E” – who won the “SCRABBLELAB” Call of the Sardinia Region (POR FESR 2014-2020). Artistic and organizational direction, direction and dramaturg during the residencies. She plans also the project called DOMOSC who won “Domo de sa Cultura 2019” – Call of Sardinia Region (POR FESR 2014-2020. 2019).
2019: Video Dramaturg for the “MediaLab” project of Video Mapping and Sacred Music, created with the choir of the Lyric Theater of Cagliari.

technological direction

Marco Quondamatteo

Digital artist, video editor and light designer, now technical responsible and technological director of Kyberteatro. . Since 2017 he is  the”Technician Laboratory Media Art “Professor at the Mario Sironi Academy of Fine Arts in Sassari. In 2014 he founded KYBERTEATRO, the theatre and new technologies company in which he is co-director and technological manager.
Technological manager of international artistic residences: 2017-2018 A.R.T.E. (augmented reality theatre experience) by Kyber Teatro, Spazio OSC; 2015 Residence of dance theater “#inSitu, produced by In # Situ, Compagnia Heliotropion _ Paris – Artistic direction Simonetta Pusceddu, city, habitat, spaces, urban memories, France // Italy // Portugal. Technological manager of the dance theater residence “Alterazioni Spazio temporali” produced by the Compagnia di Vol.VIDEO MAPPING 2019 Technological director in the “MediaLab” project Video Mapping and sacred music, created with the choir of the Lyric Theater of Cagliari at the Ex Manifattura Tabacchi di Cagliari (facade of the internal building) 2015 Video mapping for Jazz Expò – Riola Sardo – central stage. 2011: 50 PLAYED! Video mapping created for the opening in Berchidda and 4 other dates. Time in jazz – Video mapping created for the closing of the Berchidda Festival.Marco was also technical director of Leo de Berardinis’ S. Leonardo Theater (Bologna) and Litta Theater (Milan) from 1997 to 2006 and technical director of the Italian-Argentine Festival “Un puente, dos culturas” made in Argentina (1999). From 1996 to 2005 he was light designer and lighting technician on tour in several theatrical performances by A. Sixty, Lucia Poli, Teatro del carretto, Ravenna Teatro, Matteo Belli, A.T.I.R, Valeria Talenti, W. Manfré and others. Video editor for The Last Race, winner of the critics’ prize at the Turin Festival (2003), by Karel SrL, and of the 142 online interviews for the Digital Library as part of the anthropological research project “Sound Archives” by Sardinia Region.


organizational secretary

Irene Melis


Mauro Zedda