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THE HAND OF ARTEMISIA – ARTISTICAL TECH RESIDENCE AND PERFORMANCE of theater, art and new technonologie – 16th 17th and 18th DECEMBER 2021 – LMPD8 FESTIVAL

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International Festival of Theater, Art and New Technologies

“The Wonders of possible” – VIII° edition

Installation performance of THEATER, ART and NEW TECHNOLOGIES


Thursday 16th , Friday 17th December and

Saturday 18th December – 9pm

Civilleri / LoSicco company (ITALY, Palermo)

Kyberteatro company (ITALY, Cagliari)

Ticket cost € 10.00

Seats pre-assigned – exclusively advanced RESERVATION:

 mobile phone 3470484783 – from Monday to Thursday 10 am / 6 p.m, the days of the show starting at 3 p.m


Theater Direction and dramaturgy: Sabino Civilleri
Creative digital direction: Ilaria Nina Zedda e Marco Quondamatteo
Dramaturgy: Prof. Andrea Balzola
On stage:performers Lila Rongione, Sara Perra
Lights: Marco Quondamatteo
Visual: Simone Murtas          
Sound: Elvio Corona


The installation performance of theater, art and new technologies that will be staged on the 17 and 18 December will be the final result of the artistic and technological residency called LA MANO DI ARTEMISIA, at Spazio DomOsc from 13 to 19 December 2021 and between the two italian theater companies  Civilleri / LoSicco (Palermo) and Kyberteatro (Cagliari); is part of a broader transdisciplinary project born in 2019/2020 together with several partners: the three-year course of DAMS  – Palermo, “Michele Mancini” Multimedia Laboratory, Sole luna festival, Culture Week, Merz Foundation. Who was Artemisia Gentileschi? A woman, an artist? Artemisia was a woman first of all and her body, which emerges from painting, asks us for an artistic act capable of restoring the profound essence of her being a woman. In her painting Artemisia is a model, a pictorial surface and a metaphor. An identification process that goes beyond simple osmosis is evident. The battlefield body given to the external gaze is the canvas itself, on which the light rests revealing color and anatomy. In each element of the composition it is possible to intuit a deeper sense of pain and passions, which cannot be accessed directly from the close relationship between the pictorial themes and the artist’s life. Following the words of Erwin Panofsky, in this performance we will go to the symbolic of perspective lecture to reach the point where everything converges: the infinite and the divine. The deepest space in Artemisia’s work where the act is infinite in meaning and divine because it is silent and without comment. Episodes of light, bodies and objects that stand before representation, before matter, isolated in an empirical world.


Civilleri Lo Sicco, founding actors (1997) of Emma Dante’s SudCostaOccidentale company, stage the repertoire shows and follow the permanent workshop.

In 2001 they won the Scenario Award with SudCostaOccidentale with the show mPalermu. In 2002 and 2003 they won the UBU prize for best dramaturgical novelty with mPalermu and Carnezzeria.

Publications such as “Palermo Dentro” by Andrea Porcheddu and “The theatrical language of Emma Dante” by Anna Barzotto, collect testimonies of their work in this company until 2011.

In 2011 they choose to be an independent company, aimed at finding their own creative way.

In 2009 they founded the Cultural Association Civilleri Lo Sicco in collaboration with other artists.

They conduct theatrical and residential workshops aimed at training and discovering theatrical language with particular attention to group dynamics, sport and choral listening.

They are also teachers at the Scuola dei Mestieri of the Biondo Stabile Theater in Palermo.

They have also done training projects for teenagers such as “PlayOff“; and artistic residency projects such as “Muta” aimed at professionals with sections also open to migrants and political refugees.

They are the authors of the choreographic movements of operas including “Gisela!” Massimo Theater Palermo2015; “Carmen” Teatro alla Scala Milan 2009/2015; “La Cenerentola” opera house in Rome 2016; “Macbeth” Teatro Massimo Palermo, Teatro Regio Torino, International Edinburgh Festival 2017 (winning work of the Angel Herald Award); “The Angel of Fire” at the Rome Opera House 2019.

They direct also these plays: Physical Education (2011); Tandem (2013); Boxing (2015); Bianca (2019); At the Corner (2019).
The artistic couple collaborates and works in the field of training and research with structures such as the Mertz Foundation in Turin, La GAM in Turin, Art Performing Festival in Turin, Art Camp 2012 in Turin, Collinarea Festival in Lari, Teatro Era in Pontedera, Crt Research Center for the Theater of Milan, Atir Teatro Railhiera, Pim off Spazio Scenico in Milan, Teatro dei Venti, Kiber Theater in Cagliari…
From the artistic collaboration with some of these realities (Collinarea Festival di Lari, Trasparenze Festival / Teatro dei Venti and Itineraria di Calcata) they created cultural events  related to their territory and to the collaboration between several artists such as “Era delle Cadute” at the Era Theater in Pontedera, “Il Volo” within the Collinarea Festival of Lari, “Rito” itinerant project already presented in Lari and Calcata.
In 2017, in collaboration with Atir Teatro Railhiera and the CAM of Gratosoglio (MI), Casa delle Assocazioni in Gratosoglio (MI), they conducted workshops for adolescents/teenagers in schools and for mentally disabled people.
They collaborate with the University of Palermo – Department of Humanities, with the aim of achieving the creation of a territorial platform in which “making theater” can be accompanied by critical and theoretical reflection, according to links of study, exchange and creative developments. This is how artistic projects are born within urban areas or museum areas such as Sub Specie Aeternitatis within the Serpottian Oratory of Santa Cita (Palermo); Ruah- the breath of God for the day of remembrance at the Chiaromonte complex of the Steri Palace (Palermo).
In 2020 they become promoters of a multidisciplinary research laboratories with the collaboration of artists from their local area in which they live, Palermo. Thus it was born Genìa association that brings together research companies and individual artists who have chosen participatory planning as a creative method.