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FIORI per – PREMIERE KYBERTEATRO- Performance of theater and new technologies – From 12 to 14 November 2021 – LMDP8 FESTIVAL

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International Festival of Theater, Art and New Technologies

“The Wonders of possible” – VIII° edition

SPAZIO DOMOSC – 12 Via Newton, CAGLIARI(Italy)

Friday 12 November and Saturday 13 November h 21

and Sunday 14 November h 18

“FIORI per”

Theater and New Technologies Performance

KYBRTEATRO new production – Premiere





If ignorance is bliss, it is folly to be wise”. Thomas Gray

FIORI per – the dramaturgy – is freely inspired by the science fiction text “Flowers for Algernon” that the writer Daniel Keyes wrote in 1966.

It is the story of Carlo Gordo, a mentally disabled young man selected for a scientific experiment that will significantly raise his IQ. Carlo’s fate is intertwined with that of Algernon, a white laboratory mouse that has undergone the same operation and who competes with him inside a labyrinth.

#We are Carlo

The complexity of its vicissitudes before and after the operation gives us a universal image: the human being is trapped in an existential labyrinth in which he gropes like “a human being born blind who has been given the opportunity to see the light “. Each step of this labyrinth corresponds to new knowledges and skills, but in the case of Carlo, the much desired intelligence, will he be able to make him happy? The labyrinth is the human attempt to discover and recognize his own motivations, but neither intelligence nor emotions they are safe guides. A touching story that highlights the contradictions between care and justice, scientific and ethical experimentation, thought and emotion. A journey into the human being and his intricate existential journey, created on stage through the creative use of new technologies that return the various trials to be overcome and the continuous inner research carried out by the protagonist in a desperate attempt to become a person.

KEY WORDS: flowers for algernon, emotional  intelligence vs intelligence, labyrinth, new technologies, humanity, Hologauze, kinect.


On stage: the actor Riccardo Lai

Direction and dramaturgy: Ilaria Nina Zedda

Lights and videomapping: Marco Quondamatteo

Visuals: Simone Murtas

Audio technician: Elvio Corona

Production: Kyber theater.

Ticket euro 10,00 – only advanced booking

Fo info and  reservations:, mobile 3470484783.