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Theater  and New Technologies Play


ADA Informal collective for the stage (Italy)



Friday 18 November and Saturday 19 November at 9:00 pm

Domosc Space, Via Newton 12, Cagliari


Within the 9th Edition of the International Festival of Theater, Art and New Technologies

“The Wonders of the Possible” 2022



Twittering Machine is supported by Lunarte Festival, Spazio PimOff, La Dante di Anversa, Pim Off Award 2020 for Contemporary Theater.

It is a multimedia live performance of theater and new technologies in which words, visuals and electronic music build a tragicomic tale. It’s Friday. An employee of a multinational, due to a tragic unforeseen event, is forced to stay longer than the office closing time. This unexpected event pushes the protagonist to reflect on the meaning of his daily actions: take the train to go to work, drink a coffee at the station bar, scroll a post on facebook. The perpetual replication of these mundane actions turn out to be unexpected incubators of cruelty. The contemporary individual applies and undergoes the practice of evil in situations considered normal – everything seems legitimate because everything is normal. Twittering Machine replicates the absurdity of contemporary society by staging a typical day of a typical employee, where time is a ruthless cog in a useless machine. A performance on the alienation of work, ethical aberration and the devaluation of human life, shaped through an abstract landscape that is none other than the emotional sphere of all of us. The project is inspired by Paul Klee’s painting, Die Zwitscher-Machine, a brightly colored but restless and controversial work in which four stylized birds placed on a slender structure are forced to “chirp” by the mechanical movement of a crank.


play made by and with Loredana Antonelli, Lady Maru, Pasquale Passaretti

Direction, dramaturgy And performer on stage: Pasquale Passaretti

Live music and composition: Lady Maru

Live visual art: Loredana Antonelli

lighting design: Maria Virzì


Cost € 10.00 – with student discount € 8.00

For info and reservations:


number +39 3470484783

ADA – informal collective for the stage (Rome), deals with multimedia performances for theater and dance, installations and audio-visual products. In 2020 he won the first prize for the Contemporary Theater Pim Off, Milan with Twittering Machine. In 2021 he won the Fantastic Beasts tender with Maybe a city – performance on the city and its inhabitants. Another important ADA project is Walking with Damian, an audiovisual installation, which debuted at Trajan’s Markets for Musei in Musica in Rome. Loredana Antonelli, multimedia artist, video director and performer. Lady Maru, DJ and producer, resident at Gegen, Berlin. He has composed about 8 albums and electronic tracks for DJs, labels and multimedia projects. Pasquale Passaretti, director, actor and playwright. Former co-founder of Etérnit. Author of Bianco materia, and Fortepressa. Artistic director of Lunarte Festival at the 15th edition.