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Katabaza – Performance di teatro danza e nuove tecnologie

By 27 September 2023October 2nd, 2023No Comments
Friday 20 October 2023 h 21.00
Saturday 21 October 2023 h 21.00
SPAZIO DOMOSC, Via Newton 12, Cagliari

Full ticket price: €10.00,
Reduced student discount: €8.00

KATABAZA Performance of dance-theatre and new technologies

Transtopia theatre (Poland)
The performance “Katabaza” focuses on self-mythologisation, developed on stage through
transmedia languages. The performance is a multimedia narration realized through different expressive means, from the most primitive shadow theatre to contemporary dance, through original texts, artifacts and handicrafts, reactive and interactive 3D videos.
Katabaza is a journey into oneself that starts from self-discovery, from family connections, from the relationship that the author of the text (Dominik Setlak) had with his grandfather (Ryszard Świgon).
These starting points stimulate questions about the functioning of the personality in the social space as well as about becoming aware of the world around us.
Universal symbols, ritual gestures that accompany the audience into the circle of the
The transience of the performance is based on a mantra soundtrack, created by Ernest Borowski.
New reactive and interactive visual technologies accompany the inner journey.
In Katabaza, intimate stories become a prelude to death but also to the relationships we build with our loved ones, both during life and after their death.
The performance is much more than a disappearance into the underworld. It is an interpenetration and fusion of worlds.
We wander blindly in a world that is much larger than we think.
Katabaza expands the boundaries of perception of everyday phenomena.
Ultimately, it allows us to immerse ourselves in our memories and the stories that shape us all as human beings. Individuals. Or perhaps infinite singularities.

Interactive media/video/text: Dominik Setlak
Dance performance: Gabriela Kuczyńska
Ritual conversation performance: Julita Golinska-Setlak
Technician: Monika Bielenis
Performed by: Dominik Setlak/Julita Golińska- Setlak/ Gabi Kuczyńska.



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