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Open Letter to the Audience for the international Day of Theater (27th of March 2021).
Dear spectators,
on this World Day of Theater, we would like only this: SEE YOU again! Hugging you through our shows, sharing with you the miracle of the scene: a community made up of bodies and emotions that pass from our skins to your skins and so on. This circular sharing is the essence of theater! And we miss it a lot! We miss hearing your footsteps in the foyer, the emotion of your voices, the applauses! You are the most beautiful sight! We never tell you, just as we don’t tell you that this work requires time and sacrifices; it is an extreme, difficult job … there is never enough money to really repay it, this superfine, delicate and ferocious job that impoverishes, enriches. You are behind this job. It is you who fill with meaning, every life spent in the theater. But this long wait / separation is an imposition that separates life from the theater, a contradiction that condemns the workers and theatrical communities to oblivion, that wastes talents, that sends entire families to the streets and makes people even more sad and lonely.
We want to reopen the theaters, get back to work, create, make transdisciplinary and transmedia research, produce, host! In the theater we are used to stopping time and it had never happened before that time stopped us.
We dream of you! Thanks to the many of you who have supported us today and throughout the year with a message, or direct actions and above all who have given us the strength to continue! Thanks to those who fights and struggles every day on the front line: Marco Quondamatteo Blanca Simo, Mauro Zedda and Simone Murtas for sharing this theatrical thought. Thanks to Carlo Infante for his critical gaze and digital readiness and thanks to our dear Naoufel Soussi, AMAN Cooperativa Sociale, Madama Dorè Claudia Pupillo. Thanks to Sabrina Mascia and Andrea Meloni of the Alkestis Theater. Thanks to all of you! We look forward to seeing you soon!
(Ilaria Nina Zedda- Artistical Director)
In the photo: performance “Ubique” (2018) by KyberTeatro (A.R.T.E project), with Minwal Theatre Company, Lara Farci, Alessio Rundeddu.