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Theater play and new technologies




“If ignorance is bliss, it is folly to be wise”. Thomas Gray

FIORI per – the dramaturgy – is freely inspired by the science fiction text “Flowers for Algernon” that the writer Daniel Keyes wrote in 1966.

It is the story of Carlo Gordo, a mentally disabled young man selected for a scientific experiment that will significantly raise his IQ. Carlo’s fate is intertwined with that of Algernon, a white laboratory mouse that has undergone the same operation and who competes with him inside a labyrinth.
KEY WORDS: flowers for algernon, emotional intelligence vs intelligence, labyrinth, new technologies, humanity, Hologauze, kinect.


On stage: the actor Riccardo Lai

Direction and dramaturgy: Ilaria Nina Zedda

Lights and videomapping: Marco Quondamatteo

Visuals: Simone Murtas

Audio technician: Elvio Corona

Production: Kyber theater.

GOULD è l’arte della fuga

Theater play, music and new media

Artistical Direction Playwright and Dramaturgy: Ilaria Nina Zedda
Co-Direction, video / new media: Marco Quondamatteo
On stage: the actor Andrea Meloni
Costumes set and Scenography: Emilio Ortu Lieto
Music by: Luca Nulchis
Sound technician and audio editing: Roberto Corda
Lighting technician: Fabio Piras Video: Fabio Ortu
Taylor: Cinzia Moro.

In 2013, "CD318.Gould, the art of flight" ( theatre and new technologies play) was invited to take part at “SUBTLE TECHNOLOGIES”, Festival of art and science in Toronto (Canada).

"I hope that what are called my personal eccentricities do not prevent the people to grasp the true nature of my game ". Glenn Gould


Theater science and new technologies play

Artistic Direction, playwright and dramaturgy are by Ilaria Nina Zedda.
The technological direction with Video and Lights is set is by Marco Quondamatteo.
On stage: the actor Senio Giovanni Barbaro Dattena and the dancer Celine Brynant.
Sound technician : Fabio Piras.
Scientific consultation: Ramon Pilia.
Thanks for the cooperation also to Giulia Diana, Enrica Locci and Giulia Sorrentino, students of Design at Sassari’s Academy of Arts.

Presented at Science Festival Cagliari 2015 and 2018.

The brighter the light, the darker the shadow. (Carl Jung)


Theatre science and new technologies play

Playwright and dramaturg, artistic direction: Ilaria Nina Zedda
Technological director: Marco Quondamatteo
Actress: Lara Farci, Daniela Pulisci
Musics and audio technician: Fabio Piras
Set and costume designer: Claudia Spina.

Science fiction is the fiction of ideas. Science fiction is any idea that occurs in the head and doesn’t exist yet, but soon will, and will change everything for everybody, and nothing will ever be the same again. As soon as you have an idea that changes some small part of the world you are writing science fiction. It is always the art of the possible, never the impossible. (Ray Bradbury)

It was presented during the Cagliari Science Festival 2017.


Performance of Theater,Sport and New Technologies

It is a project conceived by the Aman Società Cooperativa Sociale and Kyberteatro, funded by the Department of Labor of the Sardinia Region and aimed to create a heterogeneous group of foreigner and italian youngs. The partecipants are all under 20 and from various international countries, to promote integration and interculturality.
The activities took place over two years: in summer 2019 and in summer 2020 they participated to the swimming course structured on the aquatic experience of the participants, and to the transdisciplinary theater laboratory conducted by the qualified theater directors and playwrights Ilaria Nina Zedda and Claudia Pupillo. Thanks to this, these young people have gained awareness in their abilities and more self-confidence. In 2020, the project was enriched with other activities that had the territory as a protagonist: guided tours conducted by AIGAE guides from the ASD Sardegna Sottosopra; exploratory trekking to discover the uses and customs and culinary traditions of our island; e-bike tour to discover the Maria Lai Open Air Museum (Ulassai) in collaboration with Sardinia E-Motion.
The project produced two performance productions entitled "Legarsi al Mare" and "Stile Libero", in which theater and sport are connected through an intercultural scenic and poetic language and the creative usage of new technologies.
Theater as life approach, to be free to express yourselves and play to face fears together.

Nina Zedda e Claudia Pupillo – playwright and direction
Naoufel Soussi – cultural mediator and President of AMAN. Coop. Sociale.
Erminia Cocco - coordinator of the project - Aman Coop. Soc.
Lights and videomapping: Marco Quondamatteo
Visuals: Simone Murtas
Video made by Andrea Mura and Giulia Camba
With the young participants: Martina Demurtas, Lamine Diassy, Jula Darboe (Yaya), Malick Coly, Baba Darboee(Buba), Mario Congiu, Davide Setzu,Michela Congiu, Omar Terki, Alessandra Pibiri, Daniele Scano, Rayhan,Anna Congiu, Fabio Loddo, Giulia Conigiu, Chiara Pupillo, Agostino Aloe, Yakouba Loulibaly, Salah Zani, Sulimah Dialle, Sabadoyoho Soloman.


Show of extemporaneous poetry and new technologies

The Sardinian language, the sardinian traditional improvised poetry, and the new digital technologies.
A new and innovative way to making poetry and theater in the year 2020.

On stage
the extemporaneous poets:
Simone Monni (Burcei)
Luca Panna (Quartu S. Elena).
Guitar: Mario Aledda (Burcei)

Direction and dramaturgy: Ilaria Nina Zedda.
New technologies and lights Director: Marco Quondamatteo
Digital creative team: Claudia Pupillo, Simone Murtas.
Elvio Corona: sound technician.

Scientific support by the ethnomusicologist Marco Lutzu.
Production: DOMOSC-Domos de Sa Cultura.


Reading of science theater and new technologies

Artistical direction, playwright and dramaturgy: Ilaria Nina Zedda
Technological Direction: Marco Quondamatteo
On stage: the actors Paola Atzeni and Naoufel Soussi
Music and sound technician: Fabio Piras.

This Reading was presented during the Cagliari Science Festival 2016.



Directed by: Ilaria Nina Zedda (Nina Z. Theater).
Technological direction: Marco Quondamatteo.

On stage:
The musicians: Orlando Mascia and Eliseo Mascia.
Performers: Marisa Cau, Monica Serra.

With the support of the digital creative team:
Assistant director: Claudia Pupillo
Live Visual: Simone Murtas
Sound technician: Elvio Corona.

Scientific consultant:the ethnomusicologist Marco Lutzu.
Production (year 2019): DOMOSC-Domos de Sa Cultura.

A lively immersion in the richness of traditional musical heritage, which becomes a poetic vision through the use of new technologies for the scene; a game of mirrors that reflects the richness of our imaginary identity.