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Friday 6 October 2023 h 21.00
Saturday 7 October 2023 h 21.00
SPAZIO DOMOSC, Via Newton 12, Cagliari
Full ticket price: €10.00
Reduced student discount: €8.00

Giacomo Lilliù – Collettivo ØNARCompagnia teatrale MALTE (Marche, Italia)

Progetto vincitore nazionale dell’Open call LMDP 2023

WOE – WOE/Wastage of Events

WOE/Wastage of Events is a hybrid work that takes place simultaneously in presence and on the Twitch streaming platform.
A crossing of a polygonal desert, transfigured through iconographies typical of the computer age. At the centre of the scenic device is a screen that, like a portal, opens onto a virtual reality of uninhabited places, a forgetfulness in which only the absence of the human hovers. Around the screen, three liminal figures: a performer with VR equipment, through whose eyes the exploration takes place; a sound artist who provides live sound to the environments; a speaker, who, with the voice distorted by the microphone, scans chronologies of files and digressions around the theme of memory. At times, bursts of non sequiturs break into the monologue. These are the messages left live by Twitch users, reincorporated into the dramaturgy in a participatory mechanism improvised and unpredictable that recycles and heaps the waste of language.
The instrumentation overturns the stereotype of the three wise monkeys who do not see, do not hear and do not say evil: the VR headset allows you to see more things, the headphones to listen more precisely, the microphone to speak louder. However, although empowered, the performers remain incapable of modifying that imperturbable virtual universe. Starting from this apparent irrelevance, human and technological merge into each other, discovering themselves to be similar insofar as they are both intended to record and analyze events – in other words, as entities founded on memory.


Giacomo Lilliù (1992) is a director and actor. Trained at the Scuola del Teatro Stabile delle Marche and later at LAMDA in London, he directs and participates in projects in Italy, Poland, UK. Since 2014 he has collaborated with the MALTE company, directed by Sonia Antinori. As an actor he plays for Marco Baliani, Ontroerend Goed, Romeo Castellucci. He directs and performs Teoria della classe disagiata (2021), official adaptation of the cult essay of the same name.
In 2015, he founded Collettivo ØNAR, an informal group through which he devotes himself to multidisciplinary creation, at the same time embarking on a path of hybridisation between theatre and digital that leads to works such as the happening marathon of live streaming bloomsday (2016) and PPSS_Mosaic_020 (2021), an event in correspondence via email and video calls, winner of Marche Palcoscenico Aperto. In 2022 the Fondo network, established by Santarcangelo dei Teatri together with 13 other Italian partners, awarded him a fellowship for his personal artistic research. He won the call for Digital Residencies in 2021, with WOE, and in 2023, with Il teatropostaggio da un milione di dollari, a research group on the collisions between performative and memetic languages curated together with Pier Lorenzo Pisano.



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