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Anima blu – Spettacolo dedicato a Marc Chagall

By 27 September 2023October 2nd, 2023No Comments

Saturday 14 October h 18.00
Sunday 15 October h 18.00

SPAZIO DOMOSC, Via Newton 12, Cagliari

full price – €8,00
Reduced price under 14: €5,00
reduced price students under 21- €6,00

Painting trilogy on stage/first movement THEATRE FOR CHILDREN
Tam Teatro Musica

The authors, fueled by the richly evocative images of the painter Chagall, have woven plot and warp to construct a small story. They immersed themselves in his iconographic world to bring out a story that gives time and development to the painting. Such a silent world has thus found sonority.

The encounter between the bodies of the two actors and the pictorial images takes place within a scenographic device that allows the creation of hybrid figures between the real and the fantastic. The video projection is a third actor that dialogues with the real bodies and creates visual suggestions, managing to combine the two planes. The rhythm and musicality of gesture in choreographic form fill what painting lacks in order to be theatre.

In the performance, there are continuous transitions from the reality of everyday life (given through the rhythmic scansion of gestures) to the fantasy of escaping from it that allows us to enter the dream of impossible desires. These two separate and parallel worlds, of reality and dream, alternate on stage and end up blending into one another, integrating until they are no longer two distinct worlds, but a single moment that contains them both.

Michele Sambin
Human beings fly and from above they look and dream, cry, smile. Objects remember.
Animals have their own silence, which is a particular feeling. Colour.
Looking at Chagall’s paintings is a journey into poetry and emotion.
Subjects such as birth, love, loneliness, the city, the party, the circus, war, death emerge from the interiority of the poet-painter and take shape in icons that make one think of dreams.
Horses, roosters, goats, fish, storks, flying donkeys, lambs, cats and cows. Animals watch us.
And together with the animals, lovers, angels, violins, acrobats, musicians. And the city, motionless, time, motionless.
Every object, animal, human being in Chagall’s painting is an icon and as such has meaning. It means that every look, of child or adult, in contact with it is capable of evoking.

And by going through his paintings it is then possible to invent a story. Our research focuses on giving body and voice to the beings that populate his canvases and on writing a story made of rhythm, visual and sound, of colours and plastic forms that condense into a gigantic rooster or into the maternal womb of a mare, into the body of a musician on the roof or into that of two lovers flying over a silent city and in the meantime from afar comes the sound of a violin, the chattering of a party.

Flavia Bussolotto
with Flavia Bussolotto, Davide Cortesi
Music Enzo Carpentieri, Michele Sambin, Kole Laca Video processing Raffaella Rivi
Costumes and photos Claudia Fabris Direction, scenes, images Michele Sambin Sound processing Davide Sambin Zara

Eolo Awards 2008 for the best performance of Italian Teatro Ragazzi Feten Festival Award 09 – Gijon (Spain) for the best scenography
Honor Award John Dorman 2011 for foreign artists awarded by the Polish section of ASSITEJ – International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People
Grand Prix XIX International Puppet Theatres ‘Festival Meetings 2012’ city of Torun (Poland) Music Award XIX International Puppet Theatres ‘Festival Meetings 2012’ city of Torun (Poland)


Tam Teatromusica is an artistic formation founded in Padua in 1980. As a theatre production and project company, Tam Teatromusica expresses itself in the area of research and experimentation on stage languages, with particular attention to light and sound dramaturgy. It continuously implements a poetic that is intersection and synergy of visual and musical languages and that takes the form of theatrical productions aimed at both childhood and adult theatre, with a strong focus on an intergenerational audience.
It is recognized and financed by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities as a theatre production company and by the Veneto Region.
Tam is a founding member of the Rete dei Produttori Professionali Teatrali Veneti (PPTV), is a member of AGIS Triveneto and AGIS Nazionale and is on the board of ANCRIT Associazione Nazionale Compagnie e Residenze di Innovazione Teatrale.
Since 2013, it has curated the production of the Teatro Ragazzi Padova festival of the Municipality of Padua.
Since 1992 it has been active in the Padua area through projects by Teatro Carcere.



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